1032 (KIT-1032 / pack of 1)

01032 (KIT-1032 / pack of 1)

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This Kit, developed by Dean Freytag is the third in our FAKEFRONT KIT series. This building with the exterior stairs, random open windows, and material elevator at the right end, adds up to an overall unique structure. The actual building is a lime processing plant with a kiln for copper processing. In any industrial setting the building could be a concentrator or treatment plant. However, donÕt be limited by these uses. It can also be modified to fit many other industrail facilites. The overall dimensions are 18Ó (457.2mm) wide by 5Ó (127mm) deep by 12-1/2Ó (317.5mm) high. See also Sintering Plant Kit, code: KIT-1031 and Steel Mill Kit, code: KIT-1030 and The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling, code: BOOK-115